What we do

We are trusted advisors and delivery consultants

We help clients achieve their performance goals by developing and deploying effective growth strategies. The bulk of our work focusses on product and service development and launch, increasingly this includes data as a product or data as an enabler in business change. The rise of smartphones, connected devices of all varieties and the Internet of Things is a common theme.
We are trusted advisors and delivery consultants throughout all stages of the project lifecycle, from strategy and planning to the delivery of sustainable successful change programmes.
New product development
Our expertise is in results – taking new products from concept to first sale. We work with our clients to drive all types of new products, services and innovations through the internal review and control processes (e.g. gated processes) that are required to go to market successfully. We have also developed and implemented new gating processes, including providing tools, templates and training materials, plus related communication programmes and videos to re-launch such governance frameworks. We are Product Development and Management Association (PDMA) accredited.
Digital Business Insight
We work with clients to establish how, why and where data can help transform their business operations and provide new commercial opportunities. Whether that be through greater insight about existing operations or new data sources from connected devices and eco-system partners. We consult with our clients to develop actionable strategies based on delivering tangible business improvements. Drawing on our analytics experience, the first step can often involve data visualisation techniques using tools such as Tableau and Qlikview to uncover insight and develop dashboards. More advanced approaches can introduce predictive and descriptive analytics to the operational processes. We have a broad expertise in helping our clients uncover both insight and foresight to discover the most effective strategy for their business. Importantly, we are very familiar with the importance of data privacy and customer permissions management.
Unified Comms & Mobility
We work with clients to develop and execute enterprise mobility strategies. Utilising our experience gained working with some of the worlds leading communication providers we can help to determine how to identify, manage and serve business users mobility needs.
Programme delivery
We deliver projects independently or work with client organisations directly. We can help drive your projects by operating in a range of roles from programme management through to business analysis. We’ve managed all types of programmes including major business transformations, new market entries, the creation of new partnerships and commercial agreements, major product launches, vendor selections/RFXs and re-branding.
Transaction advisory
We can advise on a range of expertise across technology and process. Within the active markets of telecom, utilities, retail and financial services, transactions are frequent. We offer specialist sector-specific advice when considering investments, mergers and acquisitions.
B2B Sales - Digital+
Sales execution is more important than ever; we can advise your organisation on all aspects of strategic and complex selling, particularly in solution selling, and benefit-focused sales. Our expertise extends to the development and delivery of sales tools (benefits, ROI and benefit realisation) and the optimisation of the sales process. We also mentor individuals and training groups to understand the environment they are selling into and how to turn a market-ready proposition into a ‘client-ready’ proposition.