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Agile listeners to survive

Nov 4, 2019

Innovation theory is littered with commentary on why we should keep moving our proverbial cheese to survive in these digital times. Change or die goes the mantra but in reality the challenge is to be ready to make the change. Much is made of being agile as if this solves a problem but just like that other overused label, transformation, how do we make sure that this isn’t just short hand for doings this quicker or even worse not doing things properly at all ? Culture (eats strategy for breakfast) and customers remain our only effective check. Are we are really asking the honest questions required when delivering our new concepts to market? We must be brave and ask questions of our teams and customers the answers to which we might not like. We must be prepared to be wrong. Sales, sales and more sales goes the quarterly drum beat but to make this happen the conversation about why your offer and why now is more important than ever. Agile yes but old ideas in amongst the new still hold sway.

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