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Block party

Oct 20, 2019

It is a long time since crypto-currencies dominated the headlines. Led by Bitcoin the new e-rush led many to forecast all manner of dramatic outcomes. Central banking systems would cease to exist, society challenged and law enforcement pushed to both technological and human limits. The reality has been slightly more mundane. Granted there are some examples on the aptly named dark web worthy of Gotham City comparisons but in reality big business has done what big business does and taken a look where it can also take a profit.  According to Gartner 75% of IoT organisations in the US have already or want to add Blockchain capability to their platforms by the end of 2020 due to the inherently secure way in which data can be shared. Healthcare, Transport, Energy and Pharma all present hotspots of growth and whilst standalone Blockchain capability may struggle it is this platform level partnering that will deliver growth. Critics would argue there is a way to go but long after the supposed revealing of Satoshi Nakamota it is practical applications that now draw the attention and not the paranoia of tabloid headlines.   

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