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EV to the future

Mar 17, 2020

80’s kids will remember Back to the Future and it’s fantastic DeLorean electric time machine leaping back to save the future. If the car represented the future in all its steel glory then the Hill Valley clock tower stuck at 10.04pm due to a 1950’s lightning strike was the past. Skip to 2020 and part of that electric future is about to arrive albeit minus flux capacitors. Not  even Biff with his sportsbook predictions could foresee the storm brewing to kickstart a transformation in transport, energy generation and consumption. Changes in battery science, construction planning rules and personal taxation allied with looming environmental penalties for legacy manufacturers means that EV demand is about to tornado supply off the charts as Moore would have described it. Tesla and co will get their shot at the mainstream to truly reflect their market caps that already outshine every mainstream player. The question will be can they keep pace and can the generators produce the power needed in a way that the global public finds acceptable? Speak to us about our work in this revolution and how we can help you too.

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