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Innovation drives growth

Jan 26, 2016

We believe innovation drives business growth. There are many anecdotal data points on that, but there is also a well documented long running study by Innovation Leaders to back this up. This analysis of the most effective innovators across 25 sectors for the last decade shows that, as a group of companies, average growth in share prices per year since 2002 was over 14%. This compares very well to equivalent returns for the FTSE 100, NASDAQ and S&P500 indexes of 2-6%. If nothing else this represents a significant data point supporting the internal business case for any corporate team charged with innovation.

Furthermore these results are significant for the global investment community and an investment fund was created based on the analysis nearly 3 years ago. By December 2015 it had delivered a cumulative return of more than 41%. Again this compares very well to the equivalent performance measures of the indexes mentioned. So it really is time to drive innovation.

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