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Lead with benefits

Feb 8, 2020

Grabbing customer attention can be expensive and difficult so when the chance arises we should be direct and lead with benefits. Too often discussions can be introspective and driven by product thinking. Often complex investment models are referenced but omit the single most important consideration – the customer benefit. How are things going to be better for your customer by working with you? Benefit can come in many forms and by discussing how your product or service can help meet wider challenges with empathy and insight you can help customers frame their needs. Moreover building trust and identifying shared goals leads to a better more open conversation.

To advance the conversation we have built and implemented Digital Benefit Tools for a number of our customers that examine the broad range of benefits that can be delivered. Our Tools generate customised content typically based on just 20 questions in only 20 minutes’ so that customer facing teams can present an outcome led story when talking to customers. Focusing the customer’s mind on both non-financial and financial benefits helps build the case for change right from the first conversation and leads to better qualified opportunities and pipeline. Best of all this approach results in better customer conversations with a broad group of stakeholders beyong IT and procurement about positive outcomes. We believe that there is a better way lets talk to ee how we can help you lead with benefits.

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Lead with benefits

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