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Oct 14, 2019

Getting digital right means thinking about how to do business tomorrow.  Specifically where does the speed, convenience, security and quality of digital  change your performance and customer experience. Keep this statement in mind as we go through our checklist list of must-haves. Firstly, business models – do you have have new way in mind, a better way, to do what you do now that will delight your customers and employees. Simply applying new systems based on old practise isn’t going to do it. Digital is not about new IT systems. Next, think about benefits – for customers how is the business model going to make your proposition more compelling, easier to buy or simply better than everyone else? Is life going to improve for your customers ? Deep stuff but if the answer is yes your performance may improve too, which obviously helps. Thirdly, your people – does the new way of working make it easier to deliver value to your customers? Can your people do more ? Will the change make your people happy? It’s a fact, happy people achieve more. Fourth, estimate the value – if you have a new business model with clear benefits where does the value come from? Can you quantify and build financial momentum ? Next, can you mobilise to try stuff quickly and not be afraid to fail? Many public digital services based on the cloud are quick and easy to activate so don’t be shy see what works. Lastly monitor progress and ask yourself what does success look like ? Define early and follow through and support. Equally move on from the concepts that don’t seem to be working out. If you are in a position to apply these principles it sounds like your culture may also support a transformation. Ask how we can help press start for digital with InformationIQ.

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