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Samsung Connected Car

Feb 29, 2016

Drivers will shortly be able to enjoy the benefits of new connected car services from their existing vehicles with the ground-breaking Samsung connected car solution, Samsung Connect Auto.


Aimed at consumers and businesses alike, Samsung is delivering an ecosystem of services and products to enable a safer, more eco-friendly and more fun driving experience. Like other ‘after-market’ connected car offerings Samsung Connect Auto plugs directly into the OBD II port often found underneath the steering wheel. It will use real-time alerts to help users improve their driving behavior, including increased fuel efficiency, while offering a Wi-Fi connection to keep passengers online while on-the-go.

This innovative solution will provide the mass market with an affordable connected car solution that places safety and security first, while enriching in-car and out-of-car experience. Although initially only available in the USA in the second quarter of this year, with AT&T being the first wireless provider of the solution, it is expected to become more widely available.

Samsung has developed an ecosystem of services, secured using their mobile security platform KNOX, and partnerships to deliver a better driving experience. This collaboration with valuable partners and experts across many industries is part of their vision of bringing IoT technology to people’s everyday lives. We believe moves such as this will be significant and signal the emergence of many new offerings in this area.

In the insurance area, Willis Towers Watson will be collaborating to enable customers to drive more safely and get access to better insurance. “This new mobile distribution platform is a potential game changer that we believe will bring usage-based insurance to the mass market,” said Geoff Werner, Global Telematics Leader, Willis Towers Watson.

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