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Automation of the people

What do the 19th century English Luddites, Thomas Edison and Henry Ford all have in common ? Answer, they were all part of far reaching changes in society that went beyond merely the introduction of a new technology or manufacturing method. When added to now common concepts such as in built obsolescence or product management…

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Agile listeners to survive

Innovation theory is littered with commentary on why we should keep moving our proverbial cheese to survive in these digital times. Change or die goes the mantra but in reality the challenge is to be ready to make the change. Much is made of being agile as if this solves a problem but just like that other overused label, transformation…

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Artificial or natural intelligence

During the early years of AI research the Nobel Prize winner for economics, the psychologist Danny Kahneman, was asked whether he studied the brain and decision making in order to contribute to the field of AI. He responded that in actual fact he much preferred to examine facets of human stupidity.

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50 most innovative companies in 2019 

Fast Company continues to compile its annual list of the 50 most innovative companies in 2019 – its amazing how the nature of the companies listed has changed over time. In particular the growth of lifestyle especially food and drink, always a favourite of our ours at InfoIQ HQ. Browse away to find your favourites…

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Block party

It is a long time since crypto-currencies dominated the headlines. Led by Bitcoin the new e-rush led many to forecast all manner of dramatic outcomes. Central banking systems would cease to exist, society challenged and law enforcement pushed to both technological and human limits.

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Knowledge smart

A customer came to us recently with a challenge – he had built a pricing tool in Excel for a line of business that just didn’t work anymore . The tool had been around a long time and was very popular, you know the type – lots of VBA hidden away and plenty of dialogue boxes and user forms…

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Just a minute ….

The BBC Radio 4 gameshow which requires contestants to talk without with deviation for 60 seconds began in the late 1960’s and has now broadcast some 70+ series. Contrast this with our collective web activity today in the same timeframe with this great presentation from Sandra Jovanovic.

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Power to the people

Mobile money in the developing world has served as a platform for the proliferation of many innovative services and offerings. M-Kopa from the people who originated M-Pesa is a fantastic story of what can be achieved with the right tools to literally provide power to the people.

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Telecoms in 5 minutes

If you ever wondered how it all happens and how and why telcos do what they do …. well here it is in 5 minutes from Ericsson.

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